What is PPE?

(3B1 Introductory Lesson- 14/01/2011)
(3A2/3I2/3O2/3P2 Introductory Lesson- 13/01/2011)

Nature and Scope of PPE

As an academic discipline, Economics is a study of how scarce resources are allocated to the production of goods and services meet the unlimited wants of human beings. With an understanding of economics, governments purport to provide better living standards and conditions for their citizens; which traditionally is the foci of Politics. But economic and political activities are only possible through certain theoretical assumptions about human nature provided by Philosophy. Philosophy, then can be viewed as a meta discipline that sets out the knowledge and principles for practical affairs.

Aims and Objectives

PPE@HCI is pitched as an eclectic discipline aimed at equipping students with an intellectual lens in analyzing East-Asian affairs. Towards this end, this course is taught in 2 parts: The first section is conceived as an introduction to International Economics, where students will learn how the profit orientations of the firm differs from the macro objectives of the government. Extending from the first, the second section of the course focuses on East Asian Security, with an attempt to explain and predict the broader foreign policy overtures of USA and PRC.

Term 1 Assignment Allocation-3B1
Term 1 Assignment Allocation- 3A2/3I2/3O2/3P2

1. Nature and scope of PPE: An Introduction

2. Liberalism and International Trade (The Political-Economy of the iPod)

21/01/2011: Why do countries trade?

7/02/2011: Absolute and Comparative Advantage
Reminder: Panel Discussion

3. The Economic Role of Government (17/02/2011- 18/02/2011)

4. US Trade Deficit
a. Global supply chains, iPod and the US trade deficits

5. International Relations : Realism and a background to Sino-American Relations
6. International Security: East Asian Security Complex

Reading List for reading quiz: 3B1 (28/01/2011); 3A2/3I2/3O2/3P2 (27/01/2011)