Towards a Chinese Theory of International Relations


Last week, we made an attempt to understand realism as an enduring theory in understading U.S. foreign policy in Asia.
How does China view itself in the international system? Professor Qin provides some insights into this question. Please read the article with these questions in mind:

1. What is a positivist definition of a "theory"? [1m]

2. List 3 reasons accounting for a lack of a Chinese International Relations Theory (IRT). [3m]

3. Trace the developments of IRT in China. [3m]

4. Which philosophy underpins the Chinese Tributary System? [1m]

5. List the 3 features of the Tributary System as practised in the Chinese Worldview. [3m]

6. Why did the Tributary System collapse in China? [4m]

7. How did the May 4th Movement shape the Chinese intellectual community? [1m]

8. How did Western IRT influence the study of world politics in China? [2m]

9. How does the Tributary System differ from the Westphalian one? [2m]

10. How does the concept of Tianxia differ with realism? [2m]