Term 2 Assignment

Dear students,

Term 2 assignment is due in the 5th Week, on 21 Apr. 2010 (Thursday).
All students are to place their essays on my table, located in the staff room and I will place a box for your to deposit your essays on that day.

The research essay topic, as follows:
*You are required to answer both parts of the question. [Maximum 500 words]

1a. What are the theoretical assumptions of the realist theory of International Relations Theory and how does realism predict state behavior? [10m]
1b. How does realism explain international relations in Northeast Asia? [15m]

All research papers must be refer to these articles:

1. For a theoretical definitions, refer to these 2 articles:
external image pdf.png East Asian Security Complex.pdfexternal image pdf.png National Interest.pdf

2. For specific examples, refer to the following articles:
external image pdf.png Nye Report.pdfexternal image pdf.png ross3.pdf

3. Additionally, students may consult Rise to Globalism by Stephen Ambrose which is available in the library.


1. Unlike Term 1, you will not be given the opportunity to submit drafts. The version that you submit on 21/04/2011 is the final submission that will be graded.
2. However, if you need to consult me regarding your research paper, you should see me on Thursdays, 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm.
3. Research papers that use Wikipedia/ Infopedia and other ready made essays available from the internet will be rejected, and will be given a zero for this essay automatically.

4. Please read this link before writing and submitting your research papers.