Beijing Satellite Campus

Dear Students based in Beijing Satellite Campus,

1. 28/02/2011: Please refer to wiki
2. 3/03/2011: Please complete this final reading quiz for Term 1.

I will be updating the lessons via this wiki page. Foremost, is your term 2 assignment allocation:
You will write a research essay (using the reading that I have assigned you) on the following topic-

1a. Explain the concept of 'anarchy' and the 'security' dilemma in International Relations. [10m]
1b. What danger does the security dilemma poses? Explain your answer with examples. [5m]
1c. Prove (or disprove) a case for (or against) the existence of the security dilemma in North East Asia. [10m]'

Answer all parts of question 1 and your paper will be due on week 3 of term 2.

You will also be preparing a debate argument, and details will be provided at a later stage. Best wishes in your research.